Friday, 19 October 2012

Hello mojo

Yeahhhh hello Mojo lol

Well i am raring to go now
Here is what i have been up to with the "Attitude "blogs x

Hope you come in nad join our challenge xxx

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Innocent m'lord

myself and my close friends have been accused of Hacking Judie at the Crafty-Emblies Site with never a thought how this would effect us personally.

Over the weekend we Reported this to the company that has her site . We now have confirmation that HACKING had never occcured on her site. We also have confirmation that police were never involved and wouldnt get involved.

So the owner of Crafty-em...
blies please stop this nonsence. You have said to the company that you will appologise........ So we all wait for this to happen. I also have this in writting as well.

Now please for those of you that took Judies word for it please also stop this noncence all I want is to craft and get on with MY LIFE I do not interfere in anyones affairs and would like it if you all would do the same.
Enough is enough there has been a Vendetta against my friends and myself for too long . None of us know how to hack and anyone recieveing emails about us please beware of the sender.
Judie Lovel Savage ... Craftymess .. Crafty embellies i have nothing to do with i do not speak to the owner and havent for over a year, when she last tried to blacken my name . I am sick to the back teeth of this and have contacted the police and my friends have contacted her website provider . If you are reading this thinking " ahh she's at it i know Judie shes an amazing person" then please feel free to leave i am not begging for you to stay and i certainly am not asking anyone take sides . BUT this has to stop . it has affected our blogs and our personal Facebook pages . Its all been done in closed groups but we are still advised whats been going on ( without asking)  
I Know that Judie has been issuing a list of who she doesn talk to and who she doesnt associate with and thats great if we were all in primary 1 . 
We are adults at the end of the day if i dont like you , i will delete you and leave it at that . 

  Thought it was innocent before proven otherwise ..

Friday, 21 September 2012

A sad week

This week has been hard . My beautiful cousin Carolann died  on Sunday from cancer . She was such a special person . Always happy to see you and would do anything for anyone. I will miss her terribly x
Today was the saddest day as we lay Carolann to rest  for her final sleep. The wonderful thing about today were her friends and family there were more people that i could count . And the finishing touch was the glitter mixed in with the dirt at the graveside . Very Carolann lol .

So i raise my glass to the sky's shiniest star and bid her sleep well and see you when i get there keep the kettle warm and be happy and pain free where you are
Love and huge hugs
your wee cuz Leah xxxx

Monday, 13 August 2012

First DT Challenge

This is my first DT challenge for vintage elisions cards crafts i was really excited to do this until i sat down to do it then i got a blank .

So instead of pushing it i pottered around and for the charm scissors and the little "window box " as i call it .

So here is the finished project . Oh course when i put the scissors
out to be used i lost then for ........... 5 hrs
I must have had a super blond day that day

I hope you like it x

some fantastic sponsors x

Friday, 10 August 2012

Well that was a very quick 2 weeks . And boy a lot has happened .
We rescued Charlie
Got his hair cut

Too cute for words
And i managed to get my DT stuff done for
Just the vintage Elusions dt to make and i will be a happy bunny .
Need to go just now and see my mum and collect the monster , Then tomorrow night i have a Birthday BBQ to go to and then relax lol
Hope you join with our amazing challenges lots of lovely prizes to be won

Love and light

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Some good news

Vintage elusions

 I am so very proud to announce that i have been selected as one of the Design Team members for this wonderful new blog . pop over and have a look .

The new blog will launch on Monday 6 August 2012 and we will
be looking for your entries to our challenges
which start off with a bang with
a brand new challenge
Fabulous sponsors and great design team inspiration .

I hope we will see you there xxxx

Friday, 3 August 2012

Mojo mojo where for art thy mojo .. Under all the boxes and stuff probably . Still cant get into much of my stuff due to landlord re doing the house and taking an age and a half but hey ho ..

Was on holiday to sunny Morecambe and visiting Caro and had a fantastic time .Hit many craft shops :D

Also managed to catch up on some DT work before i went

Atcs and cards with attitude
here is the atc i made
I made an easle atc and really enjoyed it . Something differant from me with the blues

fat pages and cards with attitude
this i loved as i am going through a skull stage as you can see by the skull holder :D ( bought in Morecambe )

loved doing this also . I started by printing off the skull and colouring it then re printing it onto red card and mouting the white coloured image on top . Think it worked well xx

oh well off to see if i can get anything done will be around later