Friday, 3 August 2012

Mojo mojo where for art thy mojo .. Under all the boxes and stuff probably . Still cant get into much of my stuff due to landlord re doing the house and taking an age and a half but hey ho ..

Was on holiday to sunny Morecambe and visiting Caro and had a fantastic time .Hit many craft shops :D

Also managed to catch up on some DT work before i went

Atcs and cards with attitude
here is the atc i made
I made an easle atc and really enjoyed it . Something differant from me with the blues

fat pages and cards with attitude
this i loved as i am going through a skull stage as you can see by the skull holder :D ( bought in Morecambe )

loved doing this also . I started by printing off the skull and colouring it then re printing it onto red card and mouting the white coloured image on top . Think it worked well xx

oh well off to see if i can get anything done will be around later


Kay Dalton said...

love them, hope you find your mojo soon x

she3655 said...

Hi Leah, I love how you've used the two images, they look Fab, when you find you mojo, could I have a little piece lol...... Am now a new follower xx

sue - bearhouse said...

This are fabulous, great images and love the layouts


Mrs O crafty blog said...

Great layout and lovely images Px