Saturday, 7 January 2012

Pay it Forward

Saw a post on facebook that said
 " Pay it forward 2012. I will make something, handmade for the first 5 people to comment Here!
In return You must copy this to your status & make things for your friends "
So i thought what the Hey :D I decided to go for it . thinking it would help me get me mojo back ... well so far today i have made these ....

And i must say i am mighty proud of myself ... Still got a few more to do .. don't know whether to do all recipients the same or do differant bits .. Answers on a comment would be fab :D

Hope you are all enjoying the new year so far .. Roll on monday our schools go back and i have Me/ Craft  time :D

Till next time
love and light xxxx


Purple mad Alison said...

Leah, these are wonderful. You're right to be proud of yourself mrs!!
I would keep them the same, no fighting that way!!!
Lots of love Ali x x

Anonymous said...

Hi hun i have given you the Liebster award if you pop over to my blog to see what to do. xx

Linda said...

This is beautiful and congratulations well deserved.

Linda xxx

LJ's said...

i love the 2 cards diffrent cols xxx

Dr. Mary said...

Hey there!
I have given you the Liebster Blog Award...Hop on over to Happy Bunny to see what to do!

debbi taylor said...

I have done the pay it forward with two of my crafty friends - I think it is a great way to give and receive something that is unique and handmade as each time you make something it is always slightly different! x lovely cards!