Saturday, 19 March 2011

A5 easle card instructions

Ok here we go i have taken pictures of both the designs i use 1 is a full front card other is a half front card. It's entirely up to you which one you use. I use both depending on the image and backing sheets i want to use .

You need A4 sheet of card
Score board or decent ruller and score tool
Backing Papers and Image

firstly take you A4 card and score on the A4 half fold line (or find the middle of the card) This is your A5 card blank

Score again at the A4 gatefold line ( or half way to fold on front of the card)

This makes your basic easle shape. The same rules are for any size or shap find your middle and quarter and score both .

There are a few ways to decorate the front you can either use the blank as it is and decorate the front and add the image ,

or you can cut another piece of card to A5 size and glue to the front of the card. Only glue to the first score mark or this will not work .

Also decorate the inside as you will see this

You need something to hold the easle together at the front .. you can use anything flowers, buttons anything as long as it's raised so it can be used as a stopper. I have just cut a small panel and mounted on foam tape .

any questions feel free to ask you can find me on Facebook and also on Craftymess


emma said...

i will give it go 2moro ...ty xx

emma said...

instructions spot on xxx